Background to our Development Plans

HHT Logo New ColoursHaig Housing, the leading provider of charitable housing to the ex-Service community, has had a significant presence in Morden since 1930 and now has 270 homes on the estate which borders Central Road and Green Lane.

The need for Veterans housing is increasing and we are looking at ways to build or acquire more properties to help. Ideally, we would seek to do this nationally but we are constrained by the availability of sites. Using land we already occupy, Morden is the most suitable site for new homes and we now have plans to build a variety of additional homes on the estate for members of the ex-Service community including those who have been seriously injured.

The development will provide a safe environment and will benefit from the excellent community links; transport, schools etc. The properties will be intelligently constructed and adjustable to family needs; for example, internal walls could be easily reconfigured to meet the family’s changing need over time.

We may also be able to move people, now perhaps living in a home too big for them, to a better home on the same estate. This means that they will keep all things familiar to them; doctors, bus routes, friends, family, neighbours and existing support networks but be housed somewhere better suited to their needs. In addition, the larger home could now be freed up to house a family to make better use of the rooms available. This means we will help two separate ex-Service families with their housing needs by the provision of just one property.

This will be a much needed development. We have seen a 30% increase in applications in just the last three years whilst our stock has grown by only 3.4% in the same period. In London and the South East demand is currently very high with at least 11 eligible people for every one house which might become available.

Please take some time to look over this website to see the plans.