Hill Top Court

ht-court-overviewThe proposal for this area of the site is to create an extension to the existing Hill Top building group by slightly extending the Hill Top estate access road through the gap originally left in the buildings at Hill Top on to a small group of new houses and flats. These would be similar to others in the estate, and linked and integrated in to the proposed Rhodes Moorhouse Court Gardens development.

This space would have its own character and sense of enclosure, while also allowing pedestrian and vehicular linkages to integrate the new building group with the remainder of the southern part of the Haig Estate. Some limited car parking is proposed in this space, however, the character of the new court would be mainly green with pedestrian access only.

It is proposed that the buildings in the Hill Top Court group rise to two storeys and would relate closely to the general form, massing and detailing of the existing buildings at Hill Top and Trenchard Court. They are designed to provide a transition between the existing Hill Top buildings and the new group proposed at Rhodes Moorhouse Court Gardens.